Introducing the Fan List

April 29, 2014


Dave Coffin

We've got the most powerful fan filtering tools in the industry. We track all your fans' activity and put the power in your hands.

Detailed Fan Data

We gather loads of data about every single one of your fans. This gives you the power to maximize your brand's visibility and profit. We keep track of their spending habits, personal contact information, promotion activity, even their whereabouts with

Powerful Fan Filtering

All that data can be hard to digest, so we created a filtering tool that will let you target specific groups of your fans. To understand the power, you have to experiment, but here are some examples of how specific you can get:

Find fans that...

  • in Massachusetts AND have NOT bought your Live in Boston album.
  • ...have purchased your first album, but have NOT purchased your second album.
  • within 30 miles of San Francisco AND have gone to at least one of your events.
  • ...checked in to your show in Austin, but did NOT download the live recording.
  • ...have spent between $1 and $100 AND live in Dover, New Hampshire.
  • ...have been to at least one event but have never bought or downloaded anything.
  • near Albuquerque and are a VIP fan.
Hopefully you're starting to get the power of these filtering tools. The options are endless, and you can keep piling on the filters and get as specific as you want.


If you want to save certain sets of fans, you can create groups. For example, if you want to quick access to all fans that checked into events in January of 2012, save them into a group.

Saved Searches

Saved Searches are just like groups, except they update automatically. For example, if you save a search of fans in Boston, any new fan from Boston will automatically be added to that saved search. You can then use that saved search to send Emails or Promotions without having to build the whole search again.

Import your fan list into your Nimbit account and start building relationships with your fans today!