April 28, 2014


Dave Coffin is the best way to reward your fans for coming to your events. At your event, tell your fans to check in, and they will be rewarded right away. Then you'll have valuable data about what fans have been going to your shows.

What Fans See

Your page lives at At your events, tell your fans to check in with their email address, and you can configure your settings in your dashboard to immediately reward them with a free song, a discount and more.

Your Settings

In your dashboard, click on Marketing then on

Automated Email Follow-Up

This message will be emailed to your fans when they check in to your account.

Include a Follow-Up Offer

You can choose a product in your account and offer a discount or give it away for free as a reward for checking into your event.

Include a Video

You can include a video your fans will see when they redeem the reward you include.

Choose your store.

When fans redeem the reward, you can choose which plugin they land on when they click the link. If you have a Facebook store installed, you can send them there or send them directly to your Nimbit store on your website.