Introducing the Nimbit Calendar

April 28, 2014


Dave Coffin

The all new embeddable, mobile ready Nimbit Calendar is the perfect showcase for your events. Show your events with interactive Google maps, ticket sales and great sharing features.

Your Calendar Settings

In your Web Profile settings, click on Calendar. This will bring up your calendar settings.

Manage your calendar settings here. You can show past events and control how far in the future to show events.

Adding Events

To add events to your account, visit the Events section of the dashboard. Click Add New Event and fill out some basic info about the event and the venue, and you're good to go! You can even set up will call tickets once the event is created.

Creating Will Call Tickets for Events

Once the event is created, click on Details next to the event in the future events table. From this screen, click on Add a Ticket. Fill out some basic info about your ticket, and you're done.